Fletcher Cup

The Fletcher Cup is run throughout the season and is a knock-out event.  Teams enter the event at the same time they submit a league registration.  Dependant on entries, there is a first round, quarter final, semi final and then a final.  Occasionally there may be the need for a preliminary round.  The League books the courts for each match and specifies when they will take place.  Teams are handicapped based on the strength of their actual players on the night, the idea being to give the weaker team a helping hand and make the stronger team work to win!

Fletcher Cup 2015/16

The draw for the Fletcher Cup is as follows. We are going for a knockout competition this year.

As there are 9 teams this means there will be one preliminary match, followed by quarter finals, semi finals and final:-

Codicote 202 V 247 Academy (preliminary match): 27th Feb at Barnwell School, 11am - 12pm


Quarter Finals: Saturday 9th April, 2-5pm, Hitchin College.

1: Academy 229 V 265 Strings

2: St Johns B 213 V 252 Norton & Baldock

3: Highbury 240 V 225 Redhoods B

4: St Johns A 245 V 232 Redhoods A


Semi-finals: Saturday 30th April, 2-4pm, Hitchin College. 

5: Strings 296 V 238 Norton & Baldock

6: Highbury 199 V 251 St Johns A


Final: Saturday 7th May, 2-4pm, Hitchin College.

Strings 238 V 252 St Johns A


A very close final and congratulations to St Johns


Fletcher Cup 2014-15

It was decided that this season we would make two changes to the Fletcher Cup: it would be played to a format of 2 men and 2 ladies; it would be played in a group format.

13 Teams entered this year, so we have split them into groups of 3 / 4 as below.

These matches are planned to be completed before the end of 2014, so there is time for the other matches in the second half of the season, TBA. If you need to change the dates, arrange directly with the opposition and please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know.

The winners of each group will play in the Semi-finals. These two matches will be played at the same time and will be arranged by the league, as will the final.

The winners of the group stage will be decided as below:-

    team with most match wins

    winner of the match between the equal teams (if two)

    team with the best points difference

    first team picked out of the hat.

Group A

Highbury vs St Johns B - Sunday 2nd November TBC

Codicote (+75) 274 vs 239 Highbury - Thursday 6th November

St Johns B (+85) 218 vs 232 Codicote - Friday 17th October

Group B

Norton & Baldock A 252 vs 228 (+110) Strings - Friday 31st October

Strings 175 vs 213 Redhoods B - Sunday 26th October

Redhoods B (+90) 236 vs 252 Norton & Baldock A - Friday 28th November

Group C

Redhoods A 249 vs 217 (+40) Norton & Baldock B - Friday 31st October

Cam Gears (+90) 207 vs 252 Redhoods A - Sunday 4th January (was originally 14th December)

Norton & Baldock B 233 vs 219 (+20) Cam Gears - Friday 7th November (was originally Tuesday 4th November)

Group D

St Johns A 236 vs 194 (+45) Academy - Friday 21st November

Onyx 223 vs 294 (+60) All Strings - Thursday 16th October

All Strings (+55) 228 vs 242 St Johns A - Friday 7th November

Academy (+25) 230 vs 203 Onyx - Wednesday 19th November

St Johns A vs Onyx and All Strings vs Academy (void, as St Johns already won group)


Semi-finals - 29th March, 1-3pm, at Hitchin College

Codicote (+25) 237 v 228  Norton & Baldock A

Redhoods A  179 v 238 St Johns A 


Final - 9th May 11am-1pm, at Hitchin College

Codicote (+40) 234 v 246 St Johns A

An excellent, close fought match from start to finish. 



New scoresheets can be downloaded by clicking here.


Fletcher Cup 2013-14

The draw took place on Saturday 9th November, Ben & Bob did the draw.

11 Teams entered:  5 were drawn out to go straight through to the quarter finals (shown in blue below).  The remaining 6 were drawn out to give 3 matches; the winner of each of the matches going on to play a team that went straight though.

In Quarter Finals, Cam Gears won by 10 pts, Welwyn won by 23 pts, Highbury won by 32 pts and Strings went through on the tie break rule after drawing with St Johns B.

In the Semi-finals Highbury just did enough to beat Welwyn by 4 pts and Strings beat Cam Gears.

The final was played on Saturday 17th May at Hitchin College. Strings were awarded a +132 handicap, the result was a 16 point win for Highbury. Congratulations to them once more.

 First Round   Quarter Final
   Semi Final     Final


  QF1 St Johns A
Redhoods A QF2 Codicote
Welwyn Welwyn  
  Final Highbury
Redhoods B QF3 Cam Gears
N & B Redhoods B  
Cam Gears
Onyx QF4 St Johns B
Strings Strings   


Fletcher Cup 2012-13

The draw took place on Monday 24th September at Highbury Club night. Ali, Ben & Chaya did the draw in the presence of other Highbury members.

12 Teams have entered:  The first 4 drawn out will go straight through to the quarter finals (shown in blue below).  The remining 8 were drawn out to give 4 matches; the winner of each of the matches will play a team that went straight though.

Teams will be contacted shortly about dates to hold matches.  As per the AGM, all players in all rounds will be expected to pay £3.

QF1, 2 and 4 were played on Wednesday 13th February.  Letchworth Tennis Centre 8-11pm

QF3 was played on Saturday 23rd February.  North Herts College 11am-12pm

Semi-finals were played on Wednesday 27th March at Letchworth Tennis Club.

 First Round Match   Quarter Final
   Semi Final     Final


Redhods 'A' (+50) QF1 Onyx (+65)    
St Johns 'A' Redhoods 'A'
 Redhoods A won by 55 points   Semi
Redhoods 'A'
Welwyn (+65) QF2 N & B 'B' (+60) N & B 'B' (+75)
St Johns 'B' St Johns 'B'  
  St Johns B won by 50 points   Final Redhoods 'A' (+100)
Codicote (+120) QF3 Strings (+100) Highbury
Cam Gears Codicote  
Codicote won by 42 points   Semi
Strings (+150)
Redhoods 'B' (+135) QF4 N & B 'A' (+75) Highbury
Highbury Highbury   
Highbury won by 51 points  

Congratulations to Highbury who won the final on the 18th May (252-219) to retain the cup.


Cup Final 2011/12

This was held on at 10am on Sunday 10th June at Fearnhill School.

Well done to both Cam Gears and Highbury in making the final.  The match was played to a very high standard, in a friendly sprit and with as many supporters as there were players.

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Semi-Finals 2011/12

These were played at the Letchworth Tennis Club with the following results:-

Highbury 252 - Onyx 218 (Onyx started on +115)

Cam Gears 247 - St Johns B 215 (St Johns started on +55)

So the final will be between Highbury and Cam Gears.

Second Round 2011/12

These matches needed to be played before the end of March, we just managed it!

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First Round 2011/12

The draw for the first round of this season's Fletcher Cup was done on the 26th October. There were 16 entries, which means there was no need for a Preliminary Round.

The matches pulled out of the hat were:-

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