Presentation Evening 2013

Last season's end of season event took place at the St Johns Community Centre in Hitchin, SG4 9JP, on Saturday 29th June 2013.

It was a little different from previous years, rather than a disco, barn dance or quiz, the two committees organised an evening of FUN GAMES. 

The idea was that clubs came along as teams of between 5 and 8. They then took part in a series of silly games, the aim being to be the best team overall at the end of the evening.

The games varied from slightly physical to slightly mentally taxing, so there was the scope for everyone to contribute during the evening and plenty of time for a good laugh. All this for just £5 per person, what a bargain night out!.

It was such fun that once word gets round we will expect to have few more team enter.

The final positions were as follows:-

Aardvark 60
Chaos Corner 44
Wim Wob Wom 43
Tightly Strung 43
Purway 42
Girlpower 40
Cohoccywoccys 39
Mastbury 38
United Nations 35
Broadwell 31
Murray Mints 31

There are various snaps from the evening here.

Finally, a big thanks to the two committees for all their hard work in putting this event on.