Marshall Trophy 2012

The LDBL and SBL started off the 2012-13 season with the Marshall Trophy Event which took place at Hitchin College (SG4 0JD) from 1pm - 4pm on Sunday 30th September 2012. 

Those that entered had an afternoon of badminton for a measly £2, it was competitive but lots of fun too. The list of entrants and results are below:-

Ladies Group:

Winner: Heather Macfarlane (147 points)

R/Up: Nicola Dewhurst (123 points ‘for’, 108 points ‘against’  - least points against)

Third Place: Lauren Dear (123 points ‘for’, 113 points ‘against’)

Others taking part:

Linda Brown, Michelle Brown, Lauren Dear, Elaine Drury, Jude Fung, Sue Pancutt


Mens Group A:

Winner:  Bob Green  (126 points)

R/Up: Gary Ayres (105 points with a count back of least points against)

Third Place: Chris Pancutt (105 points)

Others taking part:

Jagadish Chandra, James Gordon, Rob Harvey, Tom Osborne.


Mens Group B:

Winner: Josh Ashby (126 points)

R/U: Adrian Yuen (123 points)

Third Place: Glen Maisey (113 points)

Others taking part:

Gaurav Garg, Brett Maisey, Rob Newman, Scott Balaum


Final Placings:

Winner Bob Green (Winner of Group A with 126 points ‘for’ and 81 points ‘against’)

R/U Josh Ashby (Winner of Group B with 126 points ‘for’ and 100 points ‘against’)

Third Place Adrian Yuen (with 123 points)

Fourth Place Gary Ayres (with 105 points).


Thanks to those that took part and to Jan & Ian Macfarlane who did a fantastic job or organising the event.